Helpdesk Call Center Services


ASD’s services are designed to reduce cost of operations, increase quality of customer service, and provide a strategic approach to support that will deliver the greatest customer satisfaction and the highest end-user productivity. We are committed to partnering with our customers to achieve mutual success.

Microsoft Certified PartnerASD’s approach is to build or enhance your service desk by developing a custom support solution for your environment and goals that fully leverages your IT infrastructure capabilities. We will work with you to reduce total cost of support while increasing customer service and to improve your ability to measure and track the success of your services while reducing your risk.

Functional Expertise:

  • 24/7/365 day tailored support
  • Certified service desk personnel
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) service level management, incident management & problem resolution best practices
  • Service Desk software & reporting tools
  • On-site/off-site service capabilities
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Tailored end-user training
  • Integrated asset management
  • Software & hardware installation

Technical Expertise:

  • Office of the Secretary of Defense Pentagon Service Desk Operations
    • Executive Secretariat (Secretary Gates’ Office)
    • Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel & Readiness)
    • Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
    • Assistant Secretary of Defense (Legislative Affairs)
    • General Counsel, DoD
    • Director, Operational Test & Evaluation (DOT&E)
    • ATSD (Intelligence Oversight)
    • Director, Program Analysis & Evaluation (PA&E)
    • Director, Net Assessment
  • U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command (SMDC) Network Enterprise Service Desk
  • Missile Defense Agency (MDA) DOCS Service Desk Operation
  • Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)—WHS Supported Organizations (WSO)
  • Test and Evaluation Threat Resource Activities (TETRA)


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