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ASD’s approach for developing standard operating procedures and other configuration documentation and processes is to adopt and maintain an Integrated Project Management Framework (IPMF) focusing on continuously improving quality and customer service.


We start by forging a strong partnership with our customers to proactively identify performance priorities and strategies for meeting them. Our IPMF processes are then tailored to match the customer’s culture and their desire for management control. ASD is rated CMMI Level 2 for Software and Systems Engineering (SW/SE) and is working steadily to attain CMMI Level 3. To document and implement our major processes, we created an integrated Systems/Software Engineering Process Handbook (S/SEPH) that is CMMI Level 3 compliant. The S/SEPH incorporates best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). The S/SEPH is available to our employees through our ASD SharePoint web portal. The Handbook is a dynamic web enabled tool containing common project management processes, product development processes, and common supporting processes such as configuration management. The handbook contains policies, procedures, templates, checklists, standards, tools and scripted training modules. It also contains a place for capturing and storing lessons learned, service level metrics, and a known error database.

ASD has employed our IPMF on a number of our contracts, especially those contracts that involve transition to a fully integrated set of networked IT Infrastructure Enterprise services.